2015 Happy Holidays

Happy holidays! Here’s our version of a holiday “card” – a quick recap of our 2015. Some of the main highlights: Lisa-Anne finished her MBA and Jeff got “hooded” at his Ph.D. graduation ceremony. We took a few small trips and even a business trip together to Argentina. And we’re wrapping up the year with a trip to New Zealand!

As always, we want to thank all of you for your love and support – it’s a blessing to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

2015 Holiday Card2

We kicked off the year in Tahoe with a family of amazing friends.Tahoe 2014IMG_6876

In May, Lisa-Anne took her last ever MBA class (also the best class of them all – Pricing with Tech Ho)Pricing Class_1celebrated by going to Fort Funston,Fort Funston May 2015 P1120762

graduated a couple weeks later,MBA graduation _7

and celebrated by going to Sequoia National Park & King’s Canyon.Day 1 Kings Canyon P1120966Day2.2 General Sherman_10

Jeff had finished his Ph.D. in 2014, but got “hooded” in 2015.Jeff Engineering Graduation IMG_8713

Between the ceremonies, we took some silly family photos :).Mounzer Family Photos IMG_8624

And had our “annual” Yosemite trip with some awesome friends :).

Tuolomne Meadows IMG_9743

LA took two trips with Jenny this year. First, to Sonora, where they went on a hike along the bottom of an unfortunately dry lake bedTable Mountain Trail (34)

and dressed up as old-timey folks,

and a second trip to New Mexico.

Lisa-Anne joined the Next Gen Board of IVSN (a non profit “dedicated to helping homeless families and individuals across Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Peninsula return to permanent housing and self-sufficiency”) and also volunteers with groups of friends to serve food to their family shelter in Palo Alto.


We celebrated our 2 year anniversary in San Diego, where Jeff went paragliding for the first time,2 Yr Anniv - San Diego P1130327

went jet skiing (a tradition for our anniversary trips), visit the “Fallen Star” (a mind-bending house on top of one of UCSD’s engineering buildings – thanks Anne!) and hiked Potato Chip Rock.

We tried our hand at paint night and decided we should keep our day jobs.P1120849

We also went to Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Zion with the Quad (Bhargav, Sammy, LA, Jeff),

Big Sur & Point Lobos with Jeff’s family

and we were able to coordinate a trip to Argentina together for work, where we were able to spend the weekend together in Iguazu Falls!

And like the last 7 years, we celebrated LA’s birthday by playing silly games & filling shoe boxes of toiletries and necessities for Operation Christmas Child.

LA Birthday 2015 IMG_3115

And we spent the actual birthday with our friends wandering the city.30th Birthday IMG_3336

And most importantly, LA has also been working on a skill to pick up paper bags off the floor, with her mouth, while standing only on one foot.Panhandle Games P1150152

Jeff has become an expert at throwing pens in the air (off the back of his hand) and catching them (max 23),

And finally, Dexter and Zoey have been expanding their horizons by befriending other species like bunnies.

Thank you all, we love you, and we’re looking forward to 2016.

 And here’s a sneak peek from New Zealand!